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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Landscape Quilt

A few years ago, I combined my love of sewing with my love of puzzles and landscapes and created a Landscape Quilt. This is a quilt in the sense that it is created out of fabric where many small pieces are sewn together, backed with quilt batting and backing cloth and quilted. It is a landscape in the sense that it depicts a landscape just as if it was painted. My first Landscape Quilt was a Fall scene. The second became a Winter scene and now I have begun a Spring scene.

Original watercolour of Spring Garden

The process I go through to get to the end result is most gratifying to me, however, others may find it tedious and far too much work. I usually begin with a photograph I have taken and do a watercolour painting of it to determine the composition, values and colour of the finished piece. The finished Landscape Quilt will have a similar composition, however, the colours will be more intense.
From the painting, I do a tracing of the main shapes and values and then I enlarge that tracing to the size I want the quilt to be. In this case, it will be 40" x 60.5".  I then lay freezer paper over the enlarged design and start plotting how I will cut my fabric and writing colour codes on the pattern. Once the plotting is done, I can begin to cut fabric and sew it together. In my next blog, I'll describe that part of the process.

Fabric choices for the Spring Landscape Quilt

Plotted Pattern on freezer paper for Spring Landscape Quilt