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Friday, 28 April 2017

Sew Blessed

This week I packed my suitcase, gathered my quilting gear, sleeping bag and pillow and headed up to Markdale, Ontario for the Quilting Sisters Quilt Retreat at Campfire Bible Camp. I had never attended before and so it was an adventure for me.

The property is beautiful and at this time of year was coming out of the winter slumber. The trees were becoming green as was the grass. Small wild flowers were making their appearance as well. I headed for the main Lodge where I found women already sitting behind their sewing machines and hard at work. The large room was decorated for our Asian Theme and also adorned with wonderful quilts.

I was welcomed immediately and offered a table to set up my equipment. That would be my station for the rest of my stay. Among the humming of sewing machines there was a lot of communication going on as the women greeted each other with familiarity. I was among the few who were first-timers but I felt at home very quickly. I was very glad everyone wore name tags and quickly got to know most of the women in attendance. Of course, we all played "Dutch Bingo" and found many connections among us. What was wonderful was that these were all Christian women who were devoted to God and lived and loved for Him. This became quite obvious throughout the week from conversations and behaviour and a genuine care and compassion. However, lest you think these were stuffy ladies, I have to let you know that they were not at all but instead were fun-loving, joking, teasing, rambunctious and goofy. At times, there was so much laughter and giggling, the tears streamed from our eyes.

A huge amount of sewing, cutting, measuring, and lining up seams was done as well. Some finished quilting projects, started quilting projects or just made some headway but everyone was industrious. It was wonderful to see how different all the quilts were and how unique. What stood out to me was the fact that most of these women were making quilts to give away either to organizations or to family and friends. But all were thoroughly addicted!

Outdoor gathering space

Washroom, showers and pool

Our cozy cabins

On Wednesday evening, our chefs had a wonderful Asian Dinner planned and we were all to come dressed in Asian finery. I have to say that the meals were all just as creative as our quilts. Chefs Jane and Brenda made colourful and tasty culinary delights for each mealtime.

This retreat was such a wonderful experience for me and I'm sure for everyone in attendance. It is something I'll definitely do again. Check in for next week's blog where I'll post photos of a few of the quilts that were there, both finished and unfinished.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Little Behind in my Blog Posts

I've missed a few weeks of blogging and I apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way. In the last few weeks I have finished and hung my fabric cards art quilt. I hung it in my front hall and I really like the look of it there. I didn't use all the cards I received back but I still plan to use them so if you have any you don't want any more please send them to me.

My art quilt is also coming along well. You can start seeing the resemblance to my painting.

I've also been recording the new birds that visit my bird feeder. Here are a couple.

I took the time, on a nice day, to sit on my new back deck and sketch the fort we made for the grandkids to play in. Lots of imagination and make believe is practiced here.

Friday, 7 April 2017

So Much Inspiration!

Spring is the time of year that inspires me the most. It's a time of new life and new beginnings. Everywhere plants are waking up and starting to reach for the sun. With every rainfall sent from God, the world gets a little greener. I love it!

But it gives me a dilemma. There is so much I want to record in my sketchbooks as it happens that other projects get set back. I could be busy every day, all day with art making but I don't have the luxury of all that time. That being said, I have a few projects on the go.

With my bird feeder hanging outside my office window, I am noticing so many more different kinds of birds there and want to record them all. This week I also started another traditional quilting project with a friend and my sister. It is going to be a table runner. I am also still sketching aspects of my daughter's historic home which I feel a little pressured on because she is now looking to move. I have finished putting together my fabric cards and now just have to sew a rod sleeve to it so I can hang it on the wall. Oh, and yes, I am still making fabric cards for various occasions and doing a little cross-stitch to embellish them with.

A fabric card I made from one of my bird sketches.

Pieces for a table runner

My daughter's house in the snow

 And most importantly, I have been working on my latest art quilt. Progress is going well so far but very slowly due to the many tiny pieces.

 I am trying not to stress over all these projects because they are supposed to be enjoyable to do.