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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Landscape Quilt - The Error that Cost me

With the deadline of September in the back of my head, I was working hurriedly on this landscape quilt to get it done in time. I was so pleased before I went to Holland that I had finished the whole upper portion. As I took the photo of it for this blog, I noticed something that didn't quite fit.

Can you spot it? On the very left section I had just finished, I noticed a tree shape that was not tree coloured. It turns out I was not careful when assigning symbols to the different fabrics and I assigned the same symbol just turned 90 degrees to two pieces of fabric. One fabric was the pink of the rocks and they other was greenish. When putting that section together, I picked up the wrong fabric, not reading the symbol correctly, thus, I now have a pink tree.

I didn't think I could get away with leaving it that way so today, I had to fix it. That meant taking apart most of that section. Because I had thrown away the pattern pieces, I had to use the pink pieces as the pattern to cut out the green pieces. "Piece of cake!", I thought. Not. Even though I took photos of the pieces as they were together, I still had issues trying to put it back together again once the new pieces were cut. I actually had to cut an extra piece of fabric to get it all to fit properly. I don't know what I did wrong. But an hour and a half later, I had the section finished for the second time.
Mistakes like this happen a lot when I am creating. Sometimes I can leave it but other times I have to try not to get frustrated, and just fix it.

Pink Tree
Green Tree

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Barn Quilt Tradition

As I am in Holland this week taking care of some business, I've posted a link to the story of Barn Quilts in the US. It is quite an interesting tradition that is growing there and I think they are really cool to look at. Perhaps it is something that will catch on here in Canada.

I hope you enjoy the article.

I haven't had a lot of time for sketching but I did take some time for some little ones. Here they are.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rock Reflections Landscape Quilt

Every spare moment I have has been spent on my landscape quilt and I am happy to say that the top edge of it has been completed. I still have not patterned out the lower edge, which will be the reflections of the rock cliff in the water. That will not be done until the center section of the rock has been completed so I can determine what colours to use for the reflections. Looking at my progress so far, and the fact that I will be away for a week this month, I don't think it will be finished in time to enter it into the SAQA show "Concrete and Grasslands" with its deadline of September 30, 2015. Plus, I'd rather do a good job than quickly finish it and it not be done well.

There is, however, another SAQA show coming up that it might fit into. The show is called "My Corner of the World" and it is open only to Canadian SAQA members. The deadline is November 30/15 which will give me a little more time to finish the quilt. The premier location for the show will be in the Stratford Perth Museum, in Stratford, Ontario from May 21 to Aug 14, 2016. The work must be available to travel until December 2018 because it will be travelling to different venues. Also I must list the work for sale so I will have to determine a price for it which, for me, is very hard to do. I have been logging my hours of work so that will help in figuring out it's price.

I received this mug from a friend recently and I think it is beautiful! It has become my Art Day coffee mug.

I blogged earlier that this quilt is a little more detailed than my other landscape quilts and this little 3"x 3" piece gives you an idea of that. There are 22 pieces sewn together to make this section.

This is the section that is done so far. If you compare it to the painting below it you can begin to identify trees. The orange section is the top of the rock cliff. The rocks will be made up of orange, pink, purple and gray fabrics. You may find these strange colours for rocks, however, if you are ever up north when the sun is shining, the rocks appear to have those colours in them.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Glimpses of the Grandchildren's Journals

Due to the fact that I am trying very hard to get my art quilt finished before the end of September, not much other art is getting done. I do have one project that has to be kept up to date. That is the journals I am keeping for my grandchildren. In their journals I commemorate the highlights of their lives and write comments and encouragements from my perspective.

Today, I thought I would share some of the pages from their journals with you.

Here is also a glimpse of my progress on the art quilt.