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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Month by Month Inspiration

I am still busily working on my Calendar and I'm feeling a little pressed for time as it is moving toward the end of November. Today I finished my November Calendar page and when I was ready to put the dates on it, I noticed that I had done the dates for October incorrectly. I skipped a date which made October only 30 days. A bit stressful, since I had finished painting it and it was ready to go. I managed to fix the dates without having to do the whole page over again which made me feel so much better. That will teach me not to rush and always check twice.

I also want to redo April because I am not satisfied with that page. It was a page that I had measured wrong so it was bigger than it should be on one side. I had cut off the extra inch but then it really didn't work anymore. So today I started a new page and hope I can get it done quickly.

Then the last one is December. I have some ideas for that calendar page and will think on it some more while I'm working on April. I may also get some inspiration from Christmas cards that come in the mail.

Once all the pages are done, they will all be photographed and then I'll take the images to a printer and have them print the calendar. I'm really hoping it will work out since I've put a whole year of work into it.

Below are parts of July, October and November.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

A Little Mexican Inspiration

It's November and that means it is time for our getaway to the South. We visited Mexico this time and had wonderful weather and a great resort. As we don't really do excursions while we are away, I satisfy myself by sketching on the beach. So below are some of my sketches.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Chaotic Inspiration

My studio is a chaotic mess currently. I'm not sure if my mind is influencing the chaos in the studio or the chaos in the studio is influencing my state of mind. There is fabric everywhere while I work on my art quilt. I also have pieces of dyed fabric drying over the sink for my batik course. On my drawing table I have my watercolours out while I work on my calendar pages. There is just stuff everywhere. I am definitely going to have to spend some time cleaning and purging after Christmas.

I'm working on so many things at the same time that I don't always know where to begin. At this time of year I am working on stuff for Christmas and as we've moved into November, I'm not sure any of it will get done. Having really only one full day per week to spend on art is just not enough! I am slowly plugging away at the projects and am making headway but sometimes I hit a snag and what I've done doesn't satisfy me and I have to come up with another plan and start all over from the beginning.

Here's a little update on the art quilt. As I work on it, I am trying to come up with a Title. I have finished the land areas and have now begun the sky which is going a little faster.

And here's a little something that gets me excited as I work. When I took off the freezer paper to see the colours underneath, one of the pieces had such nice striations in it! A little surprise that made me happy!