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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dyeing Experiment

I was able to get away to a Provincial Park in Northern Ontario last week for a few days and usually I take my sketching supplies with me. However, this time I took a tie dye kit that I bought at Walmart and various fabrics that I had pre-washed. It was great to dye fabric outside. The dyeing took several hours and then the fabric had to rest for 12 hours to cure the dye. I only mixed up 3 of the 6 colours but I was really pleased with the results. I used silk and cotton fabrics cut into smaller sized pieces.

A card I made with some of my hand dyed fabric.

                            Also here is a glimpse of my Zentangle quilt as it nears completion.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Inspired by a Zentangle

Do you remember my post on Zentangles? Well, I decided to do an art quilt of one of my zentangles. I thought it would be really nice to do a piece in just black and white...or as it turns out....a creamy white and black. It will be a piece that is not as large as one of my wall quilts but more of a picture size that you could hang on the wall. When it's completed, I plan to have it stretched and framed just like a painting.

Fabric selections for the Zentangle Piece

Pattern for the piece

Some completed sections

Thought you might also be interested in the finished and framed Day Lily painting I was busy with.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Canoe Trip Sketches

Well, it has been almost a month since I put something down on these pages. That is not because I haven't been creating, however. The day after my last blog, we went on a 4 day canoe trip with 10 women into the interior of Algonquin Provincial Park. What a wonderful time we had! To commemorate that time, I spent this month doing sketches from some of my on location sketches and also from some of the photographs we brought back. The sketches were done on watercolour paper with a fine liner and watercolour pencils, which were easier to take along on a canoe trip than watercolour paint. I will give one to each of the women who were on the trip as a reminder of what a great time we had. I'm also thinking of using one of these sketches to make my Summer Art Quilt. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one?

Joe Lake

Burnt Island Lake

Bartlett Lake

East Arm

Tom Thomson Lake

Tom Thomson Lake

East Arm

Willow Lake

Canoe Lake