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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Rusted Fabric Inspiration

Way back on June 2, I blogged about Scavenging for Inspiration. I had been collecting rusty bits, nails, washers, etc. on my neighbourhood walks and I was going to lay them on a piece of white cotton to let them rust a little more and dye the fabric. Well, it took a long time to see any results so I decided to take the whole thing inside and leave it in water instead of letting the rain do the job. I don't think we had enough rain this summer.

Recently I took it all apart and let the fabric dry out and this is the result I got.

For all that waiting, I thought it didn't look like much. Just a piece of dirty rusty cloth. I started cutting it up into 4 X 6 inch pieces for some quilted cards and the inspiration began to flow. Below are the cards I made from the fabric. I even embellished some of the cards with the rusty metal that made the marks.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

New York City Inspiration

I spent last weekend in the city of New York. It was my first visit to the city and although it is similar to Downtown Toronto, it is also different. Although I was disappointed that we didn't see many local artists and small galleries, possibly because we were in the wrong areas, I did see lots of street art.

New Jersey near the Path Station to New York City

New Jersey

New York City on our walk to Time Square

There were several of these types of sculptures. Very colourful!

Outside a church near the new World Trade Centre

A tiled ceiling at the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

Relief sculpture on a bridge in Central Park

A street artist making a snowflake design by pouring coloured powdered chalk from his hand.
Central Park Mall

Tiny brass sculpture perched on a subway station entrance

Spray painted on the street

Mural on a building on 10th Street near the High Line

I did get to a quilt shop in New York. There was construction happening on the street in front of it so I don't know how anyone gets to it unless they are walking. I bought some really cool New York City fabric.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

More Algonquin Inspiration

I have finally started painting postcards of our Wild Women's Algonquin Canoe Trip from July. I love doing these little 4 X 6 inch cards because it takes me back to the trip and all the great memories. I make one for each woman that came on the trip. I have 4 done, however, I gave one away today to the guy who came to clean my ducts. If I can, I try to make someone's day by giving them a piece of original art. So I still have 11 more to do.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Inspired by Paint Blotters

Today I was able to spend lots of time in my studio, having caught up on paperwork and had no other obligations. So I got lots of things done which feels good.

This week I also spent some time cleaning up a bit in the studio and came across a couple of sheets of parchment paper that I had used behind tea bags as I painted them. They prevented the paint from getting onto my counter. The liquid and the paint on the parchment paper caused it to scrunch up and create hills and valleys into which the paint had dried. The designs on the paper from the drying paint was really cool looking. I thought it would be a shame to throw it out so I had been keeping it not knowing what to do with it. One sheet was in blues and greens and the other was yellows, pinks and oranges. The green sheet made me think of water and waves and the yellow sheet made me think of sunrise and sunset. I thought, I can make some nice cards with this and proceeded to cut them up. I wasn't sure I could glue them onto card stock due to the nature of parchment being non-stick so I decided to stitch them to card stock. Then I went into my magazine word and phrase files to find the appropriate word or phrases and Voila! a set of cards.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

SAQA Benefit Auction

If you can remember, I blogged earlier this year about a small square quilt that I made for SAQA's Benefit Auction. The Auction begins September 16. Below is a description of how the auctions works in case you are interested in purchasing one of these awesome 12" X 12" quilts. Mine was one of 8 that were sent in from SAQA Central Canada. See it below.

 SAQA's Annual BENEFIT AUCTION is fast approaching and there is so much to love and covet in this hugely beautiful collection of art quilts made by friends around the world!

The 2016 Benefit Auction will take place from September 16 through October 9. The Auction will kick-off at 2pm ET on September 16 with Diamond Day bidding - an early bird opportunity to purchase ANY quilt for $1000.  
The 12" x 12" Auction Quilts will be divided up into three sections for bidding purposes. Each week, a different section of quilts will be available for bidding, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week.  
At the end of each bidding period, remaining quilts will be available for purchase in the SAQA store. Unsold quilts will also be sent to Houston for the International Quilt Market and Festival (early November). 
Note: Unlike previous years, there will NOT be a separate section only available in Houston. ALL quilts will be available for online bidding in Section 1, 2 or 3.

View Grid of ArtworkView ListingView Quilts by Section

Individual Art works and Artists Listing with descriptions for the quilts can be found here.

View Dream Collections DREAM COLLECTIONS I LOVE...
 (just click on the link above and see all of the posted Dream Collections)

My choices for innovative and exciting design concepts may appear soon in a collection I created and you can too! But the time is short - so have a look and create your DREAM COLLECTION today by using this link!

THANK YOU to our Central Canada Artists!!!

We are so pleased that, once again, many artists from Central Canada have donated work this year.... what an exciting opportunity to own the work of some of our very most admired Canadian Artists... do add them to your Auction WATCHLIST!

(Please alert me if I have missed anyone who shared artwork!)

Anne SolomonArja SpeelmanGunnel Hag

Heather DubreuilHelena SchefferMaggie Vanderweit
Phillida HargreavesTracey Lawko

  • The online bidding form will be live on September 16 at 2pm EDT for Diamond Day bidding. All quilts will be available for $1000.
  • Starting September 19th at 2pm EDT, bidding starts at $750 - only pieces in the section listed will be available for bidding at this level. Each day thereafter, the price is reduced according to the chart below.
  • You can bid on up to 7 pieces at a time - the first bid on each piece wins.
  • Once the auction starts, any piece in an upcoming section can be purchased at the Buy It Now price of $1000.

SAQA 2016 Benefit Online Auction Pricing
prices change at 2 pm edt
Section 1Sept 19Sept 20Sept 21Sept 22Sept 23Sept 24
Section 2Sept 26Sept 27Sept 28Sept 29Sept 30Oct 1
Section 3Oct 3Oct 4Oct 5Oct 6Oct 7Oct 8
* All quilts will be available for a buy it now purchase of $1000 for the duration of the auction (even if their section isn't open for bidding). Unsold quilts will be sold in Houston (November) and in the SAQA Store (through December 28). 
Additional Notes:
NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED BETWEEN 1:45pm EDT and 2:00pm EDT. Any Bids placed during this time period will be ignored. 
The shipping and handling fee will be a flat rate for up to seven pieces at a time on any given date. If you want to bid on more than seven pieces or you want to bid on more than one date, you will be charged shipping and handling each time.
Shipping and handling within the United States -- $15; International shipping and handling -- $30. Shipping will be via USPS Priority, insured mail.

Purchase will be by credit card only. The bid form will be time-stamped and sequentially numbered - if more than one person submits a purchase form at the same time, the lowest numbered form will be the accepted buyer.