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Thursday, 25 August 2016


A few weeks ago I posted a number of unsuccessful selfies. Today I worked on one with pencil first so I could correct any mistakes before I inked it in with pen and painted it. This one was more successful but I still had to do some correction even after I had inked and painted it. This one will replace the selfie I use for my instagram portrait that has me dressed in a thick cowl for the winter.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Vacation Inspiration

Vacationing with at least 6 other adults and 7 grandchildren doesn't afford much time for art, however I've become creative with making or finding the time for it. When my grandchildren see me getting out my pen and sketchbook they want to join me. I'll sit them down beside me with their own sketchbooks and they'll use whatever supplies I've brought with me to make their own creations.

I also take my sketchbook to the beach where I'll do some small quick sketches. I always leave a sketch or small painting for the owners of the place we rent as a thank you for letting us enjoy their property and surroundings.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Inspired by the Passing of Time Continued

In February I posted about a calendar I am working on. It is for the year 2017 and has various themes for each month. January was Winter, February was Love, March was Creativity. In February I was ahead of the game having already finished the first three months.

Well, now it is August and I am still working on June. The April and June pages are done on watercolour paper with watercolour and May is again a fabric piece.

April is Early Spring with Forsythia and Pasque Flower. I think I need to add something to this page as it looks a little plain yet. Also, I did this one on the wrong size. It should be 14"X14" but I cut out a 14"X16" piece of watercolour paper by accident and didn't notice until I had gotten quite a way into the project. I'm not sure if I'll do a completely new page for April (since May is also Spring) or just cut it down and make it work.

May is Later Spring with Tulips, Bleeding Hearts and Blossoming trees done on a dyed silk fabric using painted tea bags for the flowers. I'm noticing as I am blogging that I haven't stitched in the date numbers on this one yet. 

June's theme is vehicles, both modern and older. I am just starting to paint the cars. I still have to add the date numbers and a few other embellishments.
I'm still interested in more themes if you have some ideas for me.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Inspiration Frustration

I started this day out with high hopes on getting a few great art things accomplished. Well, just so you know, not everything an artist sets out to do works out perfect. I know you think that's how it works but that is not reality. You usually get to see only the artist's BEST work.

Just so you know I am human and make mistakes, I'm going to post some not-so-good stuff I did today.

I had noticed that my Instragram profile picture, which is a self-portrait done in a cartoon style, has me dressed in winter clothes and so I thought I would do a summer one. I also just got my hair cut and thought I should update the picture. Well, I tried, tried, and tried again but I could not get the self-portrait right. The eyes are too big, the nose is too small, the face is wonky. Oh so frustrating! Take a look.

They don't even resemble me in the slightest. Although I am frustrated, I'm going to have to keep trying. I think part of the problem is that I am not using a pencil so I cannot adjust any errors as I go. Art teachers say not using a pencil lends itself to a more spontaneous drawing. In a way they are right but I would really like a self-portrait to look like me. Oh well, practice makes perfect they say.