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Monday, 21 May 2012

Mystery Project Completed and Hung

Well, it's done and I have drummed up the nerve to hang it in a public place that I'm pretty sure I won't get fined for. But when I found a good vantage point to photograph it from, I realized I had made it too small for such a large public space and it's difficult to read it unless you are really close. However, the design and the colours are still attractive and I consider it a success having never tried working with plastic before. This project did stretch me and I had a great time creating it. Here's a challenge for those of you living in the area. SEE IF YOU CAN FIND IT. And let me know if you do.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Mystery Project - Sneak Peak

I have been steadily working on my mystery project and thought you might like a sneak peak as to how it's shaping up. What a wonderful variety of coloured plastic bags I received from everyone! Thank you so much to those who contributed. I'm becoming inspired to use the leftovers for other art projects.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Mystery Project

The Art House Co-op is a group based in Brooklyn, NY that encourages international art that's open to everyone. They came up with the Mystery Project which artists from all over the world can join. Although I am not good with deadlines, I decided to join. For this project, we are to create something that we would install in a public space for others to enjoy. We are to take a photo of it and send it in to the Art House Co-op. I decided that because right now I'm in to contemporary quilting, I would quilt something, however, if I want to install it outside it should be able to withstand the elements. The idea of using plastic came to mind so I invited some friends and family to donate the plastic bags they have laying around the house and recycle them into a piece of art. The response was wonderful and I got a huge variety of colours. (Keep the plastic bags coming). Well, now that I had the medium, I had to come up with a design. I really like the look of graffiti so I thought I'd try to design something along those lines. I also wanted this public installation to leave people who see it with a good feeling. I am well on my way with the design. It will measure approximately 40" X 70". I'm going to need suggestions as to where to install it. If anyone knows of an easily accessable place to hang this plastic quilt where the public will see it, let me know. I'll post photos of the completed quilt in a future blog. Have a great day, everyone!

Working out colours

Donated bags of all colours. Could use more pinks, purples,
and greens if anyone has some.

Used all the white bags to piece together the background
for the quilt top and also for the back of the quilt. I left
some of the store logos on the backing piece.