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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Quilts at the Creek

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village with my cousin from Europe. It was a special weekend because it was "Quilts at the Creek" weekend and the whole village was festooned with quilts. It was a beautiful sight with quilts hung on frames and fences and around the pioneer buildings. They were displayed beautifully and looked very 'at home' there.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

No, I Haven't Been Ill!

I have to apologize to my faithful followers for not posting the last two weeks. I have had company from Europe and just took a posting break. I have, however, still been busy in the studio so I thought I'd catch you up on some of my work.

I've been busy with some baby portraits and this year will be a fruitful year.

 I've also completed many fabric greeting cards.

I also completed a quilt that I made with my sister and a friend. It is a wall quilt and I just have to add a hanging sleeve to the back of it. 

And I have also started quilting my art quilt after pondering for a while how it should be done. I've finished the sky, trying to make the foreground clouds stand out at bit.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Art Quilt Top Completed

After many months of piecing and sewing, I have completed my art quilt top. I really like how it turned out. Having said that, it still needs some details which will be done with the sewing machine and other embellishments as required.

Today I squared it and sandwiched it with batting and backing fabric. Then I pinned it in preparation for quilting.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Inspired by Another Trip to the Back Country

This past weekend I spent 4 days in the back country of Massasauga Provincial Park. In the last 6 years I have done some sort of back country trip each year. It is where I fill my soul and my inspiration well. It is where I fellowship with other women and take in the beauty of God's creation. I look forward to this trip each year and am never disappointed. Even when the weather isn't cooperating, I feel inspired and filled.

This year the weather was perfect. Rain during the night and sunshine during the day. I was able to take many photos and do a little sketching.

This was my first sketch and it was done on a left over strip of watercolour paper about 5cm X 18 cm. I sketched it while we rested on a peninsula overlooking the bay.

This was a sketch of a pine cone on a similar strip of watercolour paper. Pine cones are such interesting seed containers.

This was sketched in my 3.5 X 5.5 inch sketchbook while lounging on an island along our paddle route. The foreground is what grew on the island and the background is the view of more islands. This area is well-known for its many, many islands. One can become very lost among them if one is not careful. Because of the high water levels this year, we noted that many small islands were under water. A lot of the vegetation was dying due to drowning.

These were some sketches of our campsite done on old book pages that I glued together for a sturdier support and then painted with white gesso. I used a Uniball pen which is one of my favourite sketching tools now.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Art Quilt Progress

I think we have become way too dependent on technology and by we, I mean me. I didn't think I was but alas, when the internet isn't working....its not good! Last week my internet was non-existent. I thought, " Oh, no problem. I can still get my emails on my phone" Well, that didn't work at home either. I could only get my emails if I took my phone somewhere with good wifi. I wasn't so worried about not getting emails but not being able to send was so frustrating. What was worse is, they couldn't come to fix it until this past Monday! Don't they know we need our internet?!

As well as not sending and receiving emails, I couldn't blog either. So sorry about that. Hence, I am blogging today. I haven't sent an update on my Art Quilt in a while so here it is. I have been working steadily but the section I am doing has the smallest pieces and I just feel like after hours of work, it doesn't look like anything was done.

I now have only a small section in the upper left corner to finish and then the quilt top will be done. After that  comes the job of quilting, detailing and embellishing. That part will go much quicker than the quilt top. I still haven't settled on a title but I'm sure it will come to me.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Inspired by Quilt Canada

Last Friday I volunteered at Quilt Canada which is a national quilt show. It was held at the International Centre. I was the "Ask Me" person for 4 hours on Friday afternoon. Anyone who knows me, knows that that is a stretch for me. I am a quiet person who has a hard time talking to people I've never met before.

I carried this sign around and did pretty good, I think. I was able to answer most questions. I even met one of the ladies from our quilt retreat in April.

While I carried my sign, I was also able to view the National Juried Show and a few other quilt exhibitions. There were so many beautiful quilts and loads of talent.

What inspired me about this quilt was that the flower was three dimensional. The petals came out from the quilt top. It was very nicely done.

 I took this photo to show the quilting. It was so detailed. I took these photos with my IPhone so the quality is not as good as with my camera.

I loved the subject of this one and really like the reflections. I believe the reflections were done with thread painting.

This one was also three dimensional. The trunks of the 2 foreground trees were done separately and then rounded and sewn onto the quilt top. It is hard to see from these photos.

The colours and shapes in this one captured my attention right away. It reminds me of Picasso.

This one is a bit blurry but the detail in the owl was fantastic.

Another example of the quilting that is done on these pieces. It just brings the quilt to life!

I also loved this purple elephant. So playful!

This is called white on white. Different variations of white fabric and once again the quilting is what makes it.

There was also a challenge for Quilts of Valour. These are quilts that are made and given to Veterans.

At this show they also had a Big Quilting Bee. For Canada's 150th Celebration the Canadian Quilter's Association wanted to produce 1000 quilts from all over Canada to give to Ronald MacDonald Houses. People could make full quilts, quilt tops or blocks. At the Bee volunteers put together the quilts that were unfinished. They ended up with 2614 quilts!

It was a great experience for me but my feet were killing me by the end of my shift!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Inspiring My Grandchildren

While I was raising my own children, I didn't have the luxury of a studio or the extra time to do a lot of artwork. Yes, I did sketch a little and paint the odd thing but I didn't produce much in the way of finished pieces. I felt I was still learning and so I did take some courses during that time. I do think my kids are very creative and so I thought when I have grandchildren, I'm going to encourage them to do art.

My grandchildren love to be in my studio and I love that they want to be there. But I don't want them to think that the only time they can do art is when they are with me. So when the oldest ones were 3, I gave the 3 oldest some small sketch books. I told them they could do anything they wanted in them. I looked through one of them and can really see progress in their art ability.

The first thing they had to do was print their names in their books.

Then I have them pictures and fabric they could cut up and glue into their books.

Starting with paint.

 Pressed flowers from the garden.

Using multiple colours, line, shape and a page spread.

More colour.

Now people are starting to appear.

And now that they are in school, they're using letters.

I was also pretty impressed with these tree drawings.

Here is a landscape in colour.

I love to see them growing in their creativity and hope as they grow older they never lose that love for paint, pencils, scissors, glue, sparkles, stickers, beads, yarn .........