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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Art Quilt Progress

I think we have become way too dependent on technology and by we, I mean me. I didn't think I was but alas, when the internet isn't working....its not good! Last week my internet was non-existent. I thought, " Oh, no problem. I can still get my emails on my phone" Well, that didn't work at home either. I could only get my emails if I took my phone somewhere with good wifi. I wasn't so worried about not getting emails but not being able to send was so frustrating. What was worse is, they couldn't come to fix it until this past Monday! Don't they know we need our internet?!

As well as not sending and receiving emails, I couldn't blog either. So sorry about that. Hence, I am blogging today. I haven't sent an update on my Art Quilt in a while so here it is. I have been working steadily but the section I am doing has the smallest pieces and I just feel like after hours of work, it doesn't look like anything was done.

I now have only a small section in the upper left corner to finish and then the quilt top will be done. After that  comes the job of quilting, detailing and embellishing. That part will go much quicker than the quilt top. I still haven't settled on a title but I'm sure it will come to me.

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